Welcome to the website of the Independent United Order of Mechanics Friendly Society, Global Incorporated. It is designed to keep our Members and Well-wishers in constant contact. The site is still under construction, so bear with us.

We strongly believe in the concept of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man,and part of our Mission is to promote the the principles of Friendship, Brotherhood and Sisterhood among its Members.

It is said that Mechanism is to make good men and women better citizens, but let us not forget that with our public testimony ,we can also make those who have traveled or are traveling on the wrong side of the road, to become good persons.

 The objects of the Order includes the authority to establish, organize, institute, control, manage and regulate District Grand Lodges, District Chapters, Subordinate Lodges, Subordinate Chapters, Encampments and the Juvenile Section of the Order throughout its Global Jurisdiction.

Contributions are welcomed and you can contact us by utilizing our contact form, or e-mailing us at the following email address. webmasterglobalinc@yahoo.com,    globalinc32@gmail.com
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